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Carlsberg, founded in 1847, is one of the oldest and most well-known beer brands in the world. The Danish company's flagship beer is Carlsberg Pilsner, a light, crisp and refreshing beer that has been brewed since 1876.

Carlsberg is also well-known for its innovative bottle designs. One of the most iconic is the "Yard" bottle, which was introduced in 2008. The bottle, which is shaped like a large teardrop, is meant to be shared among friends. It was inspired by the traditional British "yard of ale" glass, which is long and skinny and can hold a large amount of beer.

The Yard bottle was a huge hit, and it led to the development of other novelty bottles, including the "Snap Pack" and the "Snap Tap." The Snap Pack is a six-pack of beer that can be opened and resealed, so you can enjoy a few beers now and save the rest for later. The Snap Tap is a growler that can be resealed, so you can enjoy draft beer at home.

Both of these innovations were inspired by the need to make beer more convenient and enjoyable to drink. Carlsberg bottle believes that beer should be shared among friends, and that's why they continue to innovate their bottle designs.


When it comes to choosing a beer, many people debate about which is better: a can or a bottle. There are arguments for both, but the can might have a slight edge. Here are some reasons to choose a can of beer instead of a bottle.

steel cans used for beer are lined with a coating called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which protects the beer from contact with the aluminum. This means that the beer doesn’t pick up a metallic flavor from the can.

Carlsberg Cans are also airtight, so there is no oxygen that can get into the beer and spoil it. Bottles are not as airtight, so there is a small chance that the beer will go bad if it’s left in a warm place for too long.

Cans are lighter than bottles, so they’re easier to transport. And, because they’re stackable, you can fit more cans in a fridge than bottles.

Some people say that beer tastes better from a can because it’s colder. This is because cans conduct heat better than bottles.

So, if you’re looking for a slightly better beer drinking experience, reach for a can instead of a bottle.

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